Beautiful Danna village in Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir (ڈنّہ )

Beautiful Danna village in Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir (ڈنّہ )

Beautiful Danna village in Neelam Valley Azad Kashmir

The whole world has been made very beautiful by Allah Almighty. There must be some wisdom in everything created by Allah. This region of South Asia, which is known by the name of Kashmir, is called heaven on earth because of its beauty. With its color, beauty, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, masterpieces and giving a feeling of heaven in the world, there is no such example other than Kashmir that can present its beauty even today.

Allah has blessed Kashmir with all kinds of blessings. What is called beauty can be seen here. Rather, the real meaning of the word beauty is clear from the sight of the scenery here. 

Nature has created Kashmir. It has been blessed with all kinds of sights. That is why many people go to Azad Kashmir for recreation. There is hardly anyone who does not have the desire to enjoy the beautiful views and cool winds of Kashmir.

There are many places in Azad Kashmir, especially Neelam Valley, which are very famous for tourism. Such as: Sharda, Baboon, Ratigali Lake, Kel, Arang Kel, Jamghar Falls, Taobat, etc.

There are some places in Azad Kashmir which are exemplary in their beauty, but they are deprived of tourism. The village (Danna ڈنّہ ) hardly any tourist has visited this place till date. This charming village of Kashmir is in the Gurez Valley of the Neelam Valley at an altitude of less than seven thousand (7000) feet above sea level and three and a half kilometers from the road.

It is 250 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, while it takes three to four hours of time from Kel which approximately is about 20 km.

This village "Danna" consisting of 200 houses has two parts. One part is called Danna Janwai, while the other part is known as Danna Phulawai. The special thing about Danna is that this village is also the birthplace of martyrs and ghazis. Deprived of basic facilities, this village has a primary school and two mosques. Due to its picturesque scenery, picturesque and beautiful views, the local people are reluctant to move away from this village although it’s located at LOC where Pakistan and India posts and bunkers are clearly visible just in front of Danna.

Three languages are spoken in this entire village (Danna). One is Hindko, the other is Shina and the third is Gojri.

The journey from Kiel to Danna is one of the best in the world in terms of its mesmerizing natural beauty, which will leave you awestruck. The route passes through the beautiful villages of Machhal, Jamghar, Chichdmanon (Rahmanabad), Jandarseri, Doga, Janwai. It offers wooden houses, picturesque views, natural waterfalls and colorful flowers.

Roaring rivers, grassy plains, forested mountains, one finally realizes that sometimes the journey is more important than the destination.

The people of Danna Janwai go to Janwai to perform their holy prayers (Friday/Eid) and to get groceries, while the people of Danna Phulawai go to the mosques and markets of Phulawai.

Due to its altitude, Danna receives slightly more snow than other villages, this village stays cold for twelve months of the year. Life is very slow due to the snow in winter. Most of the people go to Islamabad and Muzaffarabad during the winter season. Due to the lack of hospital facilities in Danna, the patients face a lot of difficulty in getting medical aid and transport to the hospital, as a result the patients often die and reaches his real creator before reaching the hospital.

The local network SCOM service is running in Danna. Local people live here through labor, building houses, selling sheep and goats, and selling wood. While some people move to different cities of Pakistan for employment.

To improve the conditions of the people here, there is a need to promote education and skills, so that these people can get good employment opportunities and move towards development.

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