Discover Postal Codes in Pakistan - Easy and Convenient Access!

Discover Postal Codes in Pakistan - Easy and Convenient Access!


Discover Postal Codes in Pakistan - Easy and Convenient Access!

Discover Postal Codes in Pakistan - Easy and Convenient Access!

Welcome to our guide to postal codes in Pakistan! Are you tired of spending hours searching for the right postal code for your mail? Look no further! Our guide offers easy and convenient access to all the postal codes you need.

Postal codes are important because they help ensure that your mail gets delivered to the correct location. Our guide makes it easy to find the postal code you need, whether you're in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or any other city in Pakistan.

Understanding Postal Codes in Pakistan

Postal codes, also known as zip codes, are a system of codes used by postal services to facilitate mail delivery. In Pakistan, postal codes are made up of five digits and are used to identify specific regions, cities, and neighborhoods.

The structure of Pakistani postal codes is simple and easy to understand. The first two digits represent the province or region, while the last three digits represent the specific post office or delivery area within that region. For example, postal codes starting with "74" are for the Sindh province, while postal codes starting with "44" are for the Punjab province.

It's important to note that postal codes in Pakistan are constantly evolving and being updated. As new areas are developed and more post offices are established, new postal codes may be introduced.

Examples of Postal Codes in Pakistan

Here are some examples of postal codes in different cities across Pakistan:
CityPostal Code
As you can see, each city has its own unique set of postal codes, which are used to identify specific locations within the city. Using these codes ensures that mail is delivered to the correct address in a timely and efficient manner.

How to Find Postal Codes in Pakistan

Our guide makes it easy to find the postal code you need in Pakistan. Follow these simple steps:
  • Visit our website.
  • Enter the name of the city or region you are looking for in the search bar.
  • Our website will display a list of options based on your search query. Click on the option that best matches what you are looking for.
  • You will be taken to a page that displays all of the postal codes for that particular area.
  • If you have a specific address, you can enter it in the search bar and our website will provide you with the corresponding postal code.
  • You can also use our website to search for postal codes by district or neighborhood to narrow down your search results.
Using our guide is quick, convenient, and ensures that you have the correct postal code for your intended destination.

How to Use Postal Codes Effectively

While postal codes are primarily used for mail delivery, they can also be useful in a variety of other ways. Here are some tips for using postal codes effectively:
  • When sending mail, always double-check that you have the correct postal code for the intended recipient. Using the wrong code can cause delays in delivery.
  • When ordering products online, make sure to enter the correct postal code for your shipping address. This helps to ensure that your order arrives at the correct location.
  • If you are conducting research that involves geographical data, postal codes can be a valuable resource for collecting and analyzing data.
  • In the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster, postal codes can be used to quickly identify the location of individuals who may need assistance.
Did You Know? Pakistan Post is responsible for the collection, transportation, and delivery of mail in Pakistan. The organization has over 13,000 post offices throughout the country.

Importance of Using Correct Postal Codes

Using the correct postal code is crucial for ensuring that your mail delivery is prompt and hassle-free. If the wrong postal code is used, your mail could be delivered to the wrong location or be significantly delayed. It can also cause issues with other important deliveries, such as medication or important documents.

For example, let's say you live in Pak Arab Housing Society in Lahore, and you use the wrong postal code when placing an order online. Your package could end up being delivered to a completely different part of the city, causing unnecessary delays and inconvenience.

Similarly, if you are trying to send a letter or package to someone in Gujrat, using the correct postal code will ensure that it is delivered to the right address without any issues.

By using the correct postal code, you can save time, money and ensure a hassle-free mail delivery experience. So, whether you are sending a letter or a package, make sure to double-check and use the correct postal code.

Postal Codes in Major Cities in Pakistan

If you're looking for postal codes in major cities in Pakistan, this section is for you. Below, we've listed some of the most commonly searched-for postal codes in cities such as Quetta and Muridke.
CityPostal CodeNeighborhood/Area
Lahore54000Allama Iqbal Town
Quetta87300Toghi Road
Muridke39350Chak no.19-L
Please note that this is just a small sample of the postal codes available. If you can't find the postal code you're looking for, try using our search function on the homepage to search by city or region.

It's important to use the correct postal code when addressing mail in Pakistan to ensure timely delivery. Using the wrong postal code can cause delays and even result in mail being returned to the sender.

By using our guide to find the right postal code for your needs, you can ensure that your mail arrives quickly and efficiently. Don't hesitate to use our guide to discover the postal codes you need in Pakistan.

Benefits of Using Postal Codes in Pakistan

Postal codes in Pakistan offer more than just convenient mail delivery. The importance of postal codes extends far beyond that, providing a range of benefits that contribute to the country's infrastructure and development. Here are some of the ways in which using postal codes can benefit Pakistan:
  • Data Collection and Analysis: Postal codes can be used to collect data on population, demographics, and other factors that can inform decision-making in various sectors, including healthcare, business, and government.
  • Emergency Services and Disaster Management: In times of crisis, accurate and up-to-date location data is crucial for emergency responders and disaster relief efforts. Postal codes provide a reliable way to identify specific neighborhoods and areas, enabling faster and more effective responses.
  • Efficiency: Postal codes can help streamline various processes and services, from logistics and supply chain management to utility billing and taxation. By using postal codes, Pakistan can improve the overall efficiency of its infrastructure and reduce operational costs.
"Postal codes play a key role in improving the overall efficiency and development of Pakistan's infrastructure, providing benefits that extend beyond just mail delivery."
Given the importance of these benefits, it's clear that using correct and up-to-date postal codes is crucial for Pakistan's growth and development. By using postal codes for a wide range of purposes, Pakistan can improve its infrastructure, economy, and quality of life for its citizens.

Common Misconceptions About Postal Codes in Pakistan

Despite the importance of postal codes, there are several misconceptions surrounding their use in Pakistan. Let's take a look at some of the most common ones:
"Postal codes are only necessary for mail delivery in urban areas."
This is not true at all. Postal codes are essential for mail delivery in all parts of Pakistan, whether you're in a rural or urban area. In fact, it's even more crucial to use accurate postal codes in remote areas where the mail delivery network may not be as well-established.
"Postal codes are optional and not mandatory for mail delivery."
This is another common misconception that is entirely false. Postal codes are mandatory for mail delivery across Pakistan. Without them, your mail may not reach its intended recipient, or it may get delayed unnecessarily.
"Postal codes are not necessary for online shopping or ordering food."
This is not entirely true. While it's possible to place an order without a postal code, it can lead to confusion and delay. Most online delivery services require a postal code to ensure that your order is delivered to the correct address. So, it's always a good idea to use a postal code, even when you're ordering online.

Remember, using accurate and up-to-date postal codes is crucial for both speedy mail delivery and efficient data analysis. So, be sure to use the correct postal code whenever you're sending mail or using it for any other purpose.

List of postal codes in Pakistan:

Islamabad Postal Codes

Here are the Islamabad postal codes

Area Name Postal Code
Ali Pur Frash 45600
Bagnial 45240
Bara Kau 45400
Chirah 45680
Golra 45200
Herdogher 45800
Islamabad Aiwan-e-Saddar 44040
Islamabad Allama Iqbal Open University  44310
Islamabad B-Block Pak Secretariat  44020
Islamabad Cabinet Block  44030
Islamabad E-9 (Air HQ) 44230
Islamabad F-7 Markaz   44210
Islamabad F-8 Markaz  44220
Islamabad Federal Board  44320
Islamabad GPO 44000
Islamabad G-10 Markaz  44100
Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office 44050
Islamabad G-8 Markaz 44080
Islamabad G-9 Markaz 44090
Islamabad Hajj Complex 45210
Islamabad I-10 Markaz 44800
Islamabad I-8/4 44790
Islamabad National Health Laboratories 45500
Islamabad Prime Minister Secretariat 44010
Islamabad Quaid-e-Azam University 45320
Kuri 45570
Lohi Bher 45710
Mara Jaffar 45250
Model Town Humak  45700
Nilore 45650
Noorpur Shahan 45300
Pakistan Town (Korang Town) 45720
Rawal Town 45510
Rewat 45900
Shah Allah Ditta 45220
Sihala 45750
Sohan 45740
Tarlai Kalan 45550
Tarnol 45230

Lahore Postal Codes

Let’s look at the postal codes in Lahore.

Area Name Postal Code
Bata Pur 53400
CMA Cantt. Lahore 54800
Ferozepur Road Lahore 54600
Gulberg Colony 54660
Harbanspura 54850
Kahna Nau 53100
Lahore Cantt. GPO 54810
Lahore Defence Housing Society 54792
Lahore Ismail Nagar 54760
Model Town Lahore 54700
Tajpura 54870
Township Sector A-1 Lahore 54770
Wahga 53600
Aitchison College 54030
Alfalah 54020
Awan Colony 54780
Baghbanpura 54920
Bahria Town 53720
Balloki 55210
Barki 53200
Chah Miran 54900
Chuhang 53800
Jallo 53500
Kohinoor Energy 55160
Lahore Iqbal Town 54570
Lahore EME Society PO 53710
Lahore Engineering University 54890
Lahore GPO 54000
Lahore Multan Road 54500
Lahore New University Campus 54590
Lahore PMG Punjab Post Office 54560
Lahore P&T Audit 54550
Lahore Punjab Governor House 54880
Lahore Secondary Board 54650
Lahore Shadman Women Model PO 54610
Manga Mandi 55270
Mansoora 54790
Mughalpura 54840
Naulakha 54010
Thokar Niaz Beg 53700
Raiwind 55150
Shah Alam Market 54100
Shahdara Bagh 54950
Shahi Mohallah 54110
Timber Market 54120

Karachi Postal Codes

These are the postal codes for Karachi.

Area Name Postal Code
Buffer Zone 75850
Al-Hyderi GPO 74700
Baldia Town 75760
Karachi Board of Secondary Education 75990
Karachi ITE 75700
Liaquatabad 75900
Manghopir 75890
Metroville 75840
Nazimabad  74600
Karachi PNAD 75790
New Karachi 75850
Orangi Town 75800
Karachi City GPO 74000
Karachi Habib Bank 75650
Lyari 75660
Maripur AF 75750
Maripur CE 75780
Sher Shah Colony 75730
Clifton 75600
Karachi GPO 74200
Karachi Governor House 75580
Karachi Hotel Metropole 75520
Kemari 75620
Manora 75640
Karachi Cantt.  75530
Defence Housing Society 75500
Karachi JPMC 75510
Karachi Saddar GPO 74400
Karachi Federal B Area 75950
Karachi Gulistan-e-Johar 75290
Karachi Gulshan-e-Iqbal  75300
Karachi Gulshan-e-Jamal  75260
Karachi Gulzar-e-Hijri 75330
Karachi Mosamyat Chowrangi 75280
Karachi New Sabzi Mandi 75340
Karachi Nishtar Road 75550
Karachi PECHS Block 2 75400
Shahrah-e-Faisal 75350
Karachi University  75270
Mehmoodabad  75460
New Town GPO 74800

Peshawar Postal Codes

Here are the postal codes for sending mail to Peshawar.

Area Name Postal Code
Badbher 24840
Badhber PAF Camp 24830
Bara Fort 24800
Chamkani 24350
Daud Zai 24400
Hayatabad Phase I 25100
Hayatabad Phase II 25124
Jamrud 24730
Landi Arbab 25220
Landi Kotal 24740
Mashoo Khel 24810
Mathani 24850
Musa Zai 24360
Nasir Bagh 24700
Pak Forest Institute Peshawar 25130
Pakha Ghulam 24370
Pawaka 24820
Peshawar CT Training School  25160
Peshawar Education Board 25110
Peshawar Gpo 25000
Peshawar Industrial Estate 24720
Peshawar Poly-Technical College  25210
Peshawar University  25120
Regi 24710
Sakhi Chashma 25170
Sar Band 25230
Sherkira 24860
Tehkal Bala 25140
Tehkal Payan 25150
Warsak Colony 24680
Yaka Toot 25200

Quetta Postal Codes

Here are the postal codes for Quetta.

Area Name Postal Code
Ahmedwal 95150
Ali Town  87340
Baleli 87100
Barshore 86800
Bostan 86500
Chaman 86000
Dalbandin 95100
Digari 88150
Hazar Gangi 87320
Hurram Zai 86710
Infantry School 87750
Khanozai 86600
Kharan 94100
Killa Abadulllah 86200
Killi Abdur Rehman Zai 86410
Killi Verchoom 86650
Kohi Taftan 95000
Kuchlak 87000
Ladgasht 94150
Nokundi 95050
Nushki 95200
Pishin 86700
Quetta Airport 87650
Quetta GPO 87300
Samungali 87600
Saranan 86400
Sariab 87900
Sariab Road 87550
Satellite Town Quetta 87500
Sorange 88050
Staff College Quetta 87800
Ziarat 96000

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions about postal codes in Pakistan:

Are postal codes mandatory for mail delivery?

Yes, postal codes are mandatory for mail delivery in Pakistan. Using the correct postal code helps ensure that your mail gets delivered to the right address without any delays.

How do I update or correct a postal code?

If you need to update or correct a postal code, you can contact your local post office or visit the Pakistan Post website for assistance. You will need to provide the correct information for your address.

Do postal codes apply to rural areas as well?

Yes, postal codes apply to both urban and rural areas in Pakistan. This helps ensure that mail is delivered to the correct location regardless of where it is being sent.

What if I don't know the postal code for the area I'm sending mail to?

You can use our guide to find the correct postal code for any area in Pakistan. Simply enter the city or region and our guide will provide you with the correct postal code.

Can I use postal codes for purposes other than mail delivery?

Yes, postal codes can be used for a variety of other purposes such as data collection and analysis, emergency services, and disaster management. Using postal codes can help improve the overall efficiency of Pakistan's infrastructure.


Postal codes are an essential part of mail delivery in Pakistan. Using the correct postal code can not only ensure timely delivery of your mail, but it also plays a role in the efficient functioning of the country's infrastructure. Our guide provides an easy and convenient way to find the postal codes you need.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful in understanding the significance of postal codes in Pakistan. We encourage you to make use of our guide to find the postal codes you need. If you have any further questions, please refer to our FAQs section or feel free to contact us directly. Thank you for choosing our guide as your go-to resource for postal codes in Pakistan!

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