List of Gilgit-Baltistan Cities and Divisions Postal Codes

List of Gilgit-Baltistan Cities and Divisions Postal Codes


List of Gilgit-Baltistan Cities Postal Codes for Travelling

List of Gilgit-Baltistan Cities Postal Codes

In this article we will be explaining the importance and usage of the postal codes for Gilgit-Baltistan. Postal Codes are very handy and useful when it comes to focus on residential or tourists, specially when you are planning a visit to the beautiful cities of the Gilgit-Baltistan then you need to know what the common and important channels are to send your quick mail delivery or any other communication as per need.

We will also cover the postal codes of cities and areas within Gilgit-Baltistan vicinity along with different unique and important services offered by Gilgit-Baltistan post office and postal services that you can get benefit from it.

No matter you are sending any mail or receiving any communication you should be aware of postal code system of Gilgit-Baltistan and this article will go through all the needful information for you to unlock all the secrets of postal code system of Gilgit Baltistan.

Importance of Postal Codes

Postal Codes have their importance in this era for mail delivery either domestic or international. These codes help to streamline the letters and packages to be sorted out based on the codes so that can be delivered and tracked very quickly based on the area of Gilgit-Baltistan.

By using the postal codes of the area, it helps to reduce human errors along with spelling mistakes in the addresses. Incase of any human errors important mails can be misplaced, but with the usage of postal codes it helps to reach the mail at the required location in timely manner.

What is the Structure of Gilgit Postal Code

As all over the world, cities and areas have a unique way of structure created for postal for the easy and quick identification throughout areas, districts, and cities. Each postal code in the Gilgit Baltistan consists of six digits. These digits help to identify very valuable information as below.
  • The first two digits show the sub-division of district.
  • Next 4 digits showing specific delivery area of post office.
Using the above postal code structure, it helps directly to identify the sub-division along with the exact post office where the mail needs to be sent.

How to Find the Correct Postal Code for Gilgit-Baltistan

You can find the correct postal code for any specific location, area, sub-division, and district using the above formula to crack the location from the given code as explained in the above section. You can also explore the Pakistan Post official resources to find the postal codes using their provided tool.

Frequently Used Postal Codes in Gilgit

Gilgit-Baltistan is a beautiful city having a handsome population and multiple districts and areas. Below is the list of the most used postal codes for the areas and divisions in the Gilgit-Baltistan:

Gilgit is a vibrant city with numerous bustling areas and districts, each with its own postal code. Here are some commonly used postal codes in Gilgit:

Postal Code for Gilgit City Center

The city center of Gilgit is a hub of business activity, having large scale shops, restaurants, tourist houses and travel businesses. The postal code for the city center Gilgit-Baltistan is 15100. This code covers a large area and ensures that mail sent to any location in the city center is efficiently delivered.

Postal Code for Gilgit-Baltistan Hospitals

Being very beautiful Gilgit City, it has serval hospital comparing the ratio of the population. It has a handsome number of healthcare centers to facilitate the medical needs of residents of Gilgit and tourists like you. The postal code for hospitals in Gilgit City is 15130. This code ensures that medical supplies, documents, and communication related to healthcare are directed to the correct facilities for quick and reliable service.

Postal Code for Gilgit Educational Institutions

Education is highly valued in Gilgit as its literacy rate shows (more than 70%), the city has numerous educational institutions. The postal code for educational institutions in Gilgit is 15140. This code ensures that important documents, examination papers, and communication related to education are delivered to the correct schools, colleges, and universities in a timely manner.

Postal Code for Gilgit Government Offices

Gilgit is the major administrative center to manage the region and has significant government offices. The postal code for government offices in Gilgit is 15120. Using this code, it is ensured that official correspondence, documents, and communication related to government services are accurately and safely delivered to the respective offices, resulting in quick and reliable way of communication.

List of Postal Codes for Gilgit city, Divisions, and sub-divisions

Area Name Postal Code
ALTIT 15710
ASTORE 14300
BUNJI 14200
CHALT 15500
CHILAM  14400
CHILAS (LSG) 14100
GULMIT 15100
GUPIS 15300
JUTIAL  15150
MISGAR 15900
NAGAR 15650
SINGAL 15160
SUST 15800
YASIN 15310

Along with above important postal codes below are more specific to the major mail delievery and information. 
  • Gilgit GPO Postal code: 15100
  • Jaglot Tangir Postal code: 14150
  • Gulmit Post Office Code: 15100
  • GUPIS Post Office code: 15300
  • Gahkooch Post Office Code: 15200
  • Danyore Post Office Code: 15110


In conclusion, we have explained and guided how you can understand the Gilgit postal code system for efficient mail delivery and communication in Gilgit city. These postal codes help the sorting and routing of mail but also ensure that it reaches the correct locations within Gilgit.

If you want to send a postal package, receive mail, or you are interested in checking the various areas and districts within Gilgit, knowledge of the postal codes will help you locate the city more quickly. Familiarize yourself with the structure and commonly used postal codes in Gilgit, hence you can make the most of the services offered by the Gilgit post office.

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