Top Places to Visit in Beautiful Chitral: A Travel Guide

Top Places to Visit in Beautiful Chitral: A Travel Guide


Top Places to Visit in Beautiful Chitral: A Travel Guide

Nestled in the KPK province, Chitral is a breathtakingly beautiful destination that shares its borders with Afghanistan and Gilgit-Baltistan. A popular spot for locals and tourists alike, the valley boasts stunning natural beauty at every turn.

How to Get There: The most convenient way to reach Chitral is by air, but it can also be accessed through Kunar valley connecting to Afghanistan. Lowari Pass is another option, which is a 365 km journey from Peshawar. Visitors can also travel from Gilgit covering a distance of 405 km, passing through Shandur top, also known as the roof of the world.

Top Tourist Destinations in Chitral:

Tirich Mir:

The highest peak of the Hidukush range, Tirich Mir offers breathtaking views of Chitral Town and is also visible from the palace of Chitral’s King. It is the highest mountain outside the Himalaya and Karakoram ranges.

Chitral Museum:

Built by the Mehtar of Chitral in 1924, the Shahi Masjid is known for its impressive architectural style and cultural significance.

Shahi Qila (Shahi Fort):

Located adjacent to the Shahi Masjid, this fort served as the residence of the king of Chitral. Although it is a private property, visitors can get special permission to explore it.

Polo Ground:

Polo is a popular game in Chitral, and the polo grounds in Chitral Town offer a unique opportunity to learn about the sport and watch a match if you're lucky.

Governor Cottage:

Located 14.5 kilometers from Chitral, Barmoghlasht is a charming resort that is perfect for a peaceful getaway.

Garam Chashma:

Famous for its warm springs, trout fish, precious stones, and clean environment, Garam Chashma is a popular destination for tourists.

Ayun Valley:

The lush green valley situated between Chitral Town and Kalash is known for its natural beauty and welcoming locals.

Koghazi and Goleen:

These beautiful villages offer stunning views and a glimpse into the local way of life.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chitral (FAQs):

What is Chitral?

Chitral is a district located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

How can I reach Chitral?

The best way to reach Chitral is by air. However, it can also be reached through the Kunar valley and Lowari pass.

What are the popular tourist places to visit in Chitral?

Some of the popular tourist places to visit in Chitral are Tirich Mir, Chitral Museum, Shahi Masjid, Shahi Qila, Polo Ground, Governor Cottage, Barmoghlasht, Garam Chashma, Ayun Valley, and Koghazi and Goleen.

Is Shahi Qila open for visitors?

No, Shahi Qila is a private property and requires special permission to visit it from inside.

What is special about Garam Chashma?

Garam Chashma is famous for its warm springs, precious stones, trout fish, and clean environment.

What is Ayun Valley known for?

Ayun Valley is known for its lush green natural beauty, situated between Chitral Town and Kalash, and located at the bank of River Chitral.

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