Easily Extract WhatsApp Contacts with WhatExtractor v2.0

Easily Extract WhatsApp Contacts with WhatExtractor v2.0


Easily Extract WhatsApp Contacts with WhatExtractor v2.0 - Chrome Extension Script

Easily Extract WhatsApp Contacts with WhatExtractor v2.0 - Chrome Extension Script

Free Download WhatExtractor v2.0 – WhatsApp Contacts Extractor – Chrome Extension Script by TechnoScript on Codecanyon. This is chrome extension that allows you in a single click to download all numbers include name (if available) from your WhatsApp accounts and save it in an excel sheet (.csv or .txt file).

Main Features

Download WhatExtractor – WhatsApp Contacts Extractor

Free download whatextractor – whatsapp contacts extractor chrome extension script.

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Frequently Asked Questions about WhatExtractor v2.0 (FAQs):

What is WhatExtractor v2.0?

WhatExtractor v2.0 is a chrome extension script that allows you to extract and save WhatsApp contacts in your CSV file.

What type of file will the contact be saved in?

WhatExtractor v2.0 will save the contact in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file, which can be easily opened in most spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, Google sheets.

Is WhatExtractor v2.0 only for WhatsApp contacts?

Yes, WhatExtractor v2.0 is specifically designed to extract WhatsApp contacts.

Can I extract contacts from WhatsApp groups?

No, WhatExtractor v2.0 can only extract contacts from your WhatsApp chats, it does not support extraction from WhatsApp groups.

Do I need to have WhatsApp account to use WhatExtractor v2.0?

Yes, you will need to have a WhatsApp account and be logged in to it on your browser to use WhatExtractor v2.0

Is WhatExtractor v2.0 a paid service?

No, WhatExtractor v2.0 is a free to use chrome extension script.

Is WhatExtractor v2.0 compatible with all browsers?

No, WhatExtractor v2.0 is only compatible with the Chrome browser.

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