Learn How To Recognize Dangerous Headaches

Learn How To Recognize Dangerous Headaches


Learn How To Recognize Dangerous Headaches

Learn How To Recognize Dangerous Headaches

We’ve all experienced them in the past and sometimes they are just mildly annoying aches usually brought on by screaming kids or stressful situations. Other times they can feel near unbearable.
We usually pop an aspirin or painkiller, and try to lie down and relax our bodies as much as possible.

While headaches are common, we should be aware that not all frequent headaches should be written off. If you are having them consistently, it could mean that your body is basically sending you a message that something else is going on and it is serious.

Here are the dangerous types of headaches that you want to take note of:

1.“Thunderclap” Headache:

These will not last long, but boy are they severe. You can go from normal to major headache throbbing, all in less than a minute. Thunderclaps can be very serious and possibly be connected with bleeding around the brain.

2. Post-injury Headache:

You can have a minor head injury and still experience headaches after the fact. Following any head injury, contact your doctor for a check up. Many times these type of injury headaches are associated with a concussion.

3. Headache After Waking Up:

Usually a good night’s sleep will be the best antidote to avoid having a headache upon waking. But if you experience an early morning headache anyway, it could be indicative of something as severe as a brain tumor.

4. Sudden Headache:

Usually a typical tension headache builds up over time. But if you get a sudden, intense headache, which comes along with weakness in the face, legs, and arms, numbness on one side of the body, and difficulty speaking, then this might be a heart attack sign.

Here are a few warning signs of a dangerous headache:

Headache after sex or exercise

Shortness of breath

Blurred vision

Headache that intensifies over time

Headache followed by nausea and vomiting


Headache that changes in location and frequency


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