Ghost Village Overtaken by Nature...Simply Amazing!

Ghost Village Overtaken by Nature...Simply Amazing!


Ghost Village Overtaken by Nature...Simply Amazing!

Ghost Village Overtaken by Nature...Simply Amazing!

This abandoned village might look like a scene from a horror movie...until you take a closer look at it.

At the mouth of the Yangtze River you will find the Shengsi Archipelago; comprised of 394 islands, each with an area more than 500 sqm and just 18 of which are inhabitable. One of those is hiding a stunning secret.

Photographer Zhou Jie, who goes by the name Jane Green online, took some haunting pictures of an abandoned fishing village on one of the islands. Uninhabited, it's slowly being overgrown with ivy and other native plants. This makes it look like the buildings have sprung up from the Earth.

It’s unsure how long the island has been uninhabited but beautiful green plants wrap themselves around every structure.

Generally, abandoned areas have a creepy feel to them but this town appears tranquil.

Mother Nature is adding her personal touch to every square inch of hand-built structures.

Moss is covering nearly every roof and will continue growing until the structures are completely covered.

The village is located on Goqui island and because there aren’t many tourists, it remains quiet and undisturbed.

Once a thriving settlement merely half a century ago, Houtou Wan Village was gradually deserted when the small bay could no longer meet the needs of the increasing number of fishing boats. Over the past few decades, nature has reclaimed the land, turning the village into a hauntingly beautiful wonderland devoid of human presence save for wandering tourists and a handful of elderly residents who refuse to leave their birthplace.

It's one of many examples of small villages in China that have become ghost towns due to urbanization, inaccessibility, depletion of resources, and shifts in industry, among other factor!

China has indeed an amazing variety of tourist attractions...this I didn't know about...I would like to be there just to feel all the tranquility and serenity of the scenery!

You can see more photography by Jane Green on her Douban page.

Source: Viral Nova

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